Echo Eco 2022

Annual exhibition of video art within the XV Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi

Art is always a comment on the world surrounding us under the glaze of the artist, whose perspective varies from lyrically intimate to cold objectivity.

Ecology, by definition, is the study of the relationship humans-world which they inhabit. To a certain extent, it can be said that any work of art is has an "ecological character".

“Echoes of Eco” is an exhibition of video art which targets the essence of Ecology: how people treat the world and how they are treated by it. In this love/hate relationship elements of psychological analysis mix together with serious propositions of improving the living conditions of all the species living on our planet. Video art appears to be the most immediate form that artists have today to talk to viewers, because the audience is used to see video as a carrier of information more than medium to make art form, such as painting or drawing. In other words, video is the best form to make art immediately “listened to”.

An important characteristic of the project is its accessibility: artists from all over the world can send their works to the organizers for consideration. Unquestionable proof of the success of the project lays in the fact that the number of applications from artists willing to participate grows years after the year. Last year it has surpassed the 2000 units.

Each year, the exhibition consists of 15 single-channel video works, each of which is shown on a separate screen on the ground floor of the Winter Theater. It opens the day after the official opening of the festival and runs until two days before it closes.

Interesting fact: “Echoes of Eco” is the longest-running video art exhibition in Russia! (Since 2011). A total of 168 artists from all over the world and from different generations, from already affirmed to very young at their first exhibiting experience, have taken part in it so far. In a few cases, the exhibition has contributed to increase the popularity of an artist who has received offers from art institutions and galleries.

The success of the event explains why the city of Sochi is now called the "hub of video art" on the map of contemporary art in Russia.

Participation in Echo Eco 2022:

If you are interested in participating in Echo Eco 2022, please send us your video (or a link to access the video) to

Please note that the video must be in single-channel format (diptychs or any multi-channel work are not taken into account) and must not exceed 10 minutes in length. There are no restrictions regarding the year when the work was made.

Some work