The School for young journalists covering cultural events

Intensive course of theoretical and practical training

Will be held during the festival

Hosted by Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi

Traditionally, classes are held in several areas at once: news journalism, TV and radio journalism, journalism in print and online editions.

Within school activities we talk about what a modern cultural journalist should be. What rules of professional ethics must be observed? How do you get someone to talk who is not in the mood for conversation? What is a conflict interview? How do you come up with an effective headline for a cultural article and, most importantly, why? How is a journalist different from a blogger? And we also share the secrets of successful reviews.

Besides, participation of young specialists in the School helps not only to exchange professional knowledge, but also promotes necessary professional acquaintances.

In addition to theory, an important part of classes at the School are practical exercises. Participants receive accreditation for all festival events, and while working on their assignments, they are offered the opportunity to write a review/reportage, as well as the opportunity to interview festival artists.

Gallery of the Young Journalists School

Registration for participation in 2022 is completed