Winter School of Poets-2022

Vladimir Dahl Russian State Literary Museum
ХV Winter International Art Festival in Sochi

In 2022, the Vladimir Dahl Russian State Literary Museum will hold the fifth "Winter School of Poets" in Sochi.

From February 20 to 23, 2022, as part of the XV Winter International Yuri Bashmet Art Festival, a new intensive will be held, with individual analysis of texts and spot tips. Three days of in-depth work under the guidance of contemporary poets. This year we invited the winners of the "Tournament of Poets" in Sochi and the participants of the "Winter School of Poets" 2018 - 2021 as heads of workshops. In addition, open events, lectures, master classes will be organized within the framework of the School.

Schedule of events
February 20, 15:30
Evening of literary improvisations "Egyptian nights" (by pre-registration)

The Egyptian Nights project has been in existence for more than 10 years and is very popular in the intellectual circles of the capital. It is based on the initiative of the American culturologist Mikhail Epstein. We invite everyone who wants to try himself as a writer to an evening of literary improvisations. By voting, a topic is chosen on which participants write a text in 15 minutes - a story, an essay, an anecdote. Then everyone will be able to read their text. You'd be surprised how much you can come up with in 15 minutes.

The moderator - the curator of the project, poet and novelist Anna Arkatova.
Age 16+
The number of participants - 25 people.
February 21, 15:30
Poetic book publishing in the Digital age

Is it necessary to produce poetry collections in the Internet era, when any work can be immediately published online and it will become available to a million readers? At the meeting we will try to figure it out:
- Why does a poet need a paper book today anyway?
- To release a collection in serial design or individually?
- What is the difference between publishing poetry from
other genres?
- When will poetry publishing die?

These and other questions will be answered by poets and publishers, editors-in-chief of the publishing houses "Voimega" and "Steklograf" Alexander Pereverzin and Dana Kurskaya.
February 22, 15:30
Poems & Music

Meeting with the poet, translator, composer - Sanjar Yanyshev.

At the end of the School, the masters will select the most talented participants who will perform with them on February 23 at the main poetic event of the Festival - the Poets' Tournament.

Workshops of the "Winter School of Poets-2022":

Alexander Pereverzin – Evgenia Ulyankina
Anna Arkatova - Dana Kurskaya
Yuliy Gugolev – Svetlana Guseva
Sanjar Yanyshev – Alexandra Shalashova

You can apply to one of the four workshops. The selection takes place on a competitive basis, the number of places is limited. The participants are chosen by the masters.

To participate, you must submit an application and send poems by January 25, 2022.

The participant pays for travel and accommodation independently.

The presence of a QR code confirming the fact of vaccination against a new coronavirus infection or a previous COVID-19 disease is mandatory for all participants.

The organizers of the Festival and the Winter School of Poets reserve the right to establish various scholarships for the most talented young poets participating in the school.

The regulations on the Winter Poetry School are available on the websites and

The results of the competitive selection will be published on February 01, 2022 on the websites and

Heads of poetry workshops
Alexander Pereverzin

Poet, publisher. The winner of the "Tournament of Poets" in Sochi in 2021. Poems have been published in the magazines "Arion", "New World", "Banner", "October", "Modern Poetry", almanacs "Poetry Day", "New Writers'', "Literary Newspaper" and other publications. Editor-in-chief of the Voimega publishing house. Member of the Moscow Writers' Union. Winner of the "Crown" (2019), winner of the poetry prize of "Moscow account" (for best first book, 2009), winner of the International Voloshinskii award (2010), Winner of the Baikal festival of poetry (Irkutsk, 2010).
Evgenia Ulyankina

A poet. Participant of the "Winter School of Poets" in Sochi in 2020 (workshop of Alexey Kubrik and Tatiana Shcherbina). Born in 1992 in Karaganda, lives in Moscow. Published in the magazines "Friendship of Peoples", "Ring A", "Literature", on the portal "semitones", etc. Co-editor of the poetry department of the electronic magazine "Formaslov" and the telegram channel "Metazhurnal", runs his own telegram channel "poets of the first necessity". The second place of the Lyceum Award (2020). The author of the book of poems "Like a living thing" (Moscow: Voimega, 2020).
Anna Arkatova

Poet, essayist, columnist, curator of the literary project "Egyptian Nights". Winner of the "Tournament of Poets" in Sochi in 2020. Graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the University of Latvia and the Gorky Literary Institute. Author of books of poetry: "Without a Ticket" (1997), "External Data" (2004), "Punctuation Marks" (2007), "The Charm is" (2012), "Glass Coat" (2017), "Between Us" (2018), "It will Pass Now" (2021), a collection of short prose "Bird" (2021). Poems were published in the magazines "Banner", "New World", "October", "Friendship of Peoples", "Volga", etc. Columnist of the magazine "Pshychologies", columnist of the magazine "Bear", Lyterra, etc., author of articles on "Snob". Curator of the author's project "Egyptian Nights" - sessions of improvised writing. Member of the Moscow Writers' Union. Laureate of the International Voloshin Competition (2006). Twice winner of the Moscow Account Award (2012, 2017).
Dana Kurskaya

Poet, publisher, cultural trader. Participant of the "Winter School of Poets" in Sochi in 2018 - 2021. Author of the books of poems "Nothing personal" (M:2016), "Giving evidence" (M:2018), and "A Remedy for the Earth" /co-authored with the mystic Andrey Yavny / (M:2020) Organizer of the International Annual Festival of Contemporary Poetry MyFest. Founder and editor-in-chief of Steklograf publishing house. Editor-in-chief of the literary magazine "DC". Founder of the International Poetry Prize MyPrize - for authors of the age category from 35 years. Founder of MyTalk seminars for authors from 18 to 35 years old. Laureate of the All-Russian Poetry Prize "Lyceum" 2017 (second place). Winner of the All-Russian Competition named after I.Rozhdestvensky (2020), winner of the Evening Poems Prize (2014), winner of the poetry prize "Living Water" (2015), winner of the World Pushkin Prize (2020), winner of the Russian Hoffman Prize (2020 and 2021), winner of the Emigrant Lyre magazine prize (2020). Published in the magazines "Banner", "Interpoesia", "New Youth", "Volga", "Youth", "Khreshchatyk", "Children of Ra", "Day and Night", "Aurora", "Moscow", "Emigrant Lira", "Ring A", "Floating Bridge", "Floors", etc.
Yuli Gugolev

Poet, translator. The winner of the "Tournament of Poets" in Sochi in 2019. Born in 1964 in Moscow, he graduated from the medical school and the Gorky Literary Institute. He worked for ambulance, NTV, the International Committee of the Red Cross. He started publishing in Samizdat. He is the author of six poetry books, the latest of which are "We are the Other" (Moscow, New Publishing House, 2019) and "BagPiper over Arlington" (Moscow, O.G. And, 2020). Winner of the Moscow Account Grand Prize (2007) for the book "Travel Regulations" (Moscow, New Publishing House, 2006). Laureate of the Poetry Prize in the nomination "Poem of the Year" (2020). Lives in Moscow.
Svetlana Guseva

A poet. Participant of the "Winter School of Poets" in Sochi in 2020 (workshop of Alexey Kubrik and Tatiana Shcherbina). Born on February 13, 1987 in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. Long-list of the "Debut" award (2014, 2015). Long-list of the Bella Award (2016). Participant of the poetry festival "Voices". She has been published in the Volga magazines, the online publications Formaslov, Litteratura. Author of the book of poems "In Detail" (Free poetry, Cheboksary, 2019).
Sanjar Yanyshev

Poet, translator, composer. The winner of the "Tournament of Poets" in Sochi in 2018. Born in 1972 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). Graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Philology of Tashkent State University, has been living in Moscow since 1995. He worked as a courier, a traveling salesman, a street musician, an advertising manager, an editor, a private teacher, a screenwriter, wrote articles for a children's encyclopedia. Author of books: "Worm" (2000), "Orpheus Etchings" (2003), "Regular Garden" (2005), "Nature" (2007), "Poems" (2010), "Umr. A new book of appeals" (2017). Winner of the independent incentive award "Triumph" (2001), the prize of the magazine "October" (2003), four times winner of the award for the best poetry book of the year "Moscow Account". One of the founders of the Tashkent Poetry School association, the Tashkent Open Poetry Festival (2001-2008) and the almanac "The Small Silk Road" (2000-2006). The compiler and editor of the first bilingual anthology of modern poetry of Uzbekistan "Anor-Garnet" (Moscow, 2009). The poems have been translated into German, English, Italian, French, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Hungarian.
Alexandra Shalashova

Poet, writer. Participant of the "Winter School of Poets" in Sochi in 2018 - 2021. Born in Cherepovets, lives in Samara. Graduate of the Literary Institute. Gorky, A.E. Rekemchuk's creative seminar (prose). She was published in the magazines "Banner", "Siberian Lights", "Youth", the bulletin of contemporary art "Circus "Olympus" +TV", the almanacs "Articulation", "Formaslov", the magazine "Flags". The second place of the Lyceum Prize in the poetic nomination (2019), the first - (2020) with a selection of poems "Inanna descends into hell". The author of the collection of poems "Communication Enterprise" (Moscow: "Steklograf"), the novel "Turn off my video" (AST: "Editorial Elena Shubina", 2021).

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